Monday, April 9, 2007

We're Here!!!

God is so good! We have arrived in Addis, and we have met our new kids.Praise the Lord! This message must be very short and quick. Kris and I went this morning to meet our new children... I sat by the back window of the taxi, and as we pulled into the care center, our children were waiting with anticipation. Yonatan found me right away in the taxi and hugged and kissed me through the back window. Then he brought his sister and brother to the window and they hugged and kissed me as well. This all before we got out of the taxi. We were overwhelmed!

Today we filled out more paperwork (gag) and then taxied back to the guest house (Addis Kadan) where we are staying. Everyone has been so wonderful and accommodating! These people are so nice and respectful!!Kris and I had some time with our children in the guest house before going back out for a traditional Ethiopian lunch with new friends. Ourchildren are very helpful. They want to serve us and take lots of photos. I walked to an Internet Cafe to send this message.

We are so excited to introduce our three new children to their big brother and sisters back home, and the rest of their new family and friends. They will love you and have already asked about you. I will try to send more later. We just wanted you all to know we are here and all right, and the children are with us. Many Blessings!Our cup is full and overflowing!

Praise Jesus!


Kelly said...

I am so excited!!! I want tons of details and lots of pictures!!! We can't wait until you get home!!!


CrazyMom said...

Praise the Lord! We're so thrilled to hear that you are safely there and going well!


mom2babybirds said...

Praise the Lord, what wonderful news!

Diane Guiett said...

What a joyous Easter celebration! Oh, He is Risen indeed and we are anxiously waiting to meet these new Longs.