Monday, February 26, 2007

Court Date

Today we received confirmation that a court date has been scheduled for our adoption... March 7th. We appear one step closer to bringing our kids home from Ethiopia. By the grace of God we have made it to this point... losing six kids along the way that we loved very much and called "ours" if only through pictures and for a short time. I still don't know for sure when these kids will "officially" be ours, but I do know the God of the universe... and I know that He knows.
He is the same God that previously had a "court date" with me, and became my Father after adopting me into His Family. I'm certain I can trust Him. Thanks for your prayers.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Our Story

Here is a summary of what has been going on throughout our adoption process. (Written by Aaron.)

When we first decided to adopt, we chose two boys that we instantly fell in love with. The ages were about 9 years and 6 years. We were constantly thinking about them. We were waiting for the call to come about our court date, but when it finally came, it didn't turn out to be the call we wanted. After my mom got off the phone, she told us that we had to pick new kids. The mother had freaked out and decided she wouldn't let them be adopted. We were so depressed. Who would of ever thought that this would happen? Now, after a couple months of paperwork and waiting, we were back to step one. Time to pick new kids.

The next kids that we picked we were so excited about. They were a group of four, one girl and her three younger brothers. We loved them so much. We got a little farther than with the two boys, but then the call came. The mother had changed her mind. She wouldn't let the two youngest boys be adopted and she added a new older boy with a different father who was around 15 years old. We couldn't adopt someone that old. We were heartbroken.

Now we hope to adopt a sibling set of three. A boy, around 8 or nine, a girl, around 6, and a boy, around 31/2 or 4. We love these kids just as much as the the two other sets.

Well, that's pretty much it. Sometimes we wonder if by the time we finally bring kids into our house, every orphan in Ethiopia (yes, we are adopting from Ethiopia) will feel like our child. But we know that God will bring the right children into our home

Monday, February 19, 2007

Under Construction...

Welcome to The LONG Road Home. Not only is this blog under construction, but our son's new room is too. We are making room in our lives for three new children.

Since we're getting three new kids, Aaron's bedroom is being relocated to the basement. Here's a picture of the progress so far. I better hurry up!

One of my clients (MCR Services) sent someone over to help frame it out. Then, Mark and Greg came over to help with the window. Through an interesting series of events, God provided a $350 window for $74. What a gift!! God knows how to remodel... He has done so in my life, and continues to renovate my heart.