Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Totally Amazing!!

There is so much to share and so little time. I apologize about not having any pictures to send yet. The phone lines have been down and many of the internet cafes have been closed. Finally thery are open again. GREAT NEWS!!! Yesterday's appointment at the Embassy went very well. Everything was approved with no questions of us. Not the same for everyone. All will be fine in due time. Yesterday, we went out in the morning and had lunch out as well.

It's crazy... after 3 days, Kris and I find ourselves talking in very short, 1-2 words sentences. (Imagine that for you-know-who=:)) Full sentences like... "you like." or "Walk." or "Photo?" We are even talking like this to each other. Deep communication like this could be very good for our marriage!!! (Just kidding!) The kids want to take all the photos... all except for Mintesinot... he just giggles and smiles and is generally ornery! We actually have to ask the kids to NOT be so helpful! Weird!? They truly want to please us. When does the honeymoon end? I wish our bio kids could see and experience what we have seen and heard and smelled. These are beautiful people, proud people! And God is doing some amazing things here. One of our drivers goes to a church of 2 million members. They never come together as they are focused on working in the streets. The may gather 10,000 - 15,000 at a time. I asked this driver about his testimony... He shared as we drove through the city streets... God is trully working in the lives of the people here.

Today we had our driver (Getachew is wonderful!) explain to the kids that we want to give them American names as well. They are all in favor... except the little guy... he first said "no" then said "yes" and just giggled. We have learned more about their background and we will post after we get home. Yesterday we went to visit the orphanage they were in before coming to the care center. God works miracles! Kris and I almost couldn't speak. Leaving was very hard for us and our new children, let alone the children and workers we left behind. We will post more after we get home. We have some amazing video and pictures to share. I can't wait to get the means to share them with you all.

We are holding up well, in spite of little sleep. Sunday night sleeep was good, but Monday night we added three kids to our room. The kids were out like a light. Put them in bed and turn off the switch and they were quiet... well, except for the little guy. I sang him to sleep. Once we put the kids down we either sit and talk with the other families or just go to bed. Monday night I moved to the couch as there is not enough room for us all in the one room. Kris switched with me around 4:00 AM or so. I remember being awake all night. Somehow God is providing need rest for both of us.

Today was a big outing... shopping in the markets, stopping by a coffee shop/cafe for some refreshments. You should see the kids drink tea(chai)! We'll be needing to buy some tea and become tea drinkers when we get home. We prepared our lunch at the guest house and then I walked to this Internet Cafe. I hope to be back later today with more to write and photos I can share. Until then... We love you all and miss you.


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CrazyMom said...

Are those names public yet? I'm anxious to hear what you've decided on!

And can't wait to see pictures and video and hear stories. Kris, I think this may require several late nights of catching up!

Miss you guys and thinking of you and praying for you constantly!