Monday, April 30, 2007

Taking a Thorough Assessment

Last Friday morning, Kris and I took the three new Longs to the International Adoption Clinic for their (very thorough) health examination. Sparing you the exact details, let's just say that it was very thorough. It was nice to have an interpreter present to help explain to the kids what was happening and why mom & dad would just sit and watch these people (in white coats) poke and prod and prick. On top of that, we discovered that 2 of the 3 were in the middle of an outbreak of Chicken Pox. And then a discovery that actually encouraged us to do a really complete "spring clean" as an extra precaution. (Just in the nick of time we believe!) This morning, we completed the first round of appointments with a hearing assessment and a quick psychological evaluation. (Although he hesitated, the psychologists did not yet think Kris and I were crazy!!!) There will soon be vision tests and teeth pulling, and other assorted invasions for these kids. While driving back home afterwards I got to thinking... this whole adoption thing is absolutely amazing! How do we explain to the kids that we are doing this because we love them and we want to properly care for them. It's not as if we will send them back if we find something that's unpleasant! Actually, that will just help us love them more. And then it hit me...How God uses this real life analogy to teach me more about Him. He is truly Amazing!

You see, years ago God adopted me into His family. Before the adoption was complete, and in His own way, He had done a very thorough assessment and He knew what I was full of. He loved me too much to leave me in that condition, and even though I did not completely understand what was happening, He started the process of "spring cleaning" in me. I was full of parasites and other things the world had to offer and they were all eating away at my insides. But God had compassion on me... He wasn't doing this to see if I was worth keeping... He had already made up His mind that He was keeping me! That was planned long before I was ever in my mother's womb. The adoption was final and God was not surprised with what He found in me... I'm thinking He expected it to be there. He was big enough to deal with it and get it out. His plan included that as well... in fact, it included full health and complete restoration!

In the adoption world, "Disruption" is the word used to describe an adoption gone bad. An example of a disruption would be when the new parents decide (for whatever reason) that they no longer want this new child (children) in their home and they change their minds. While the adoption was final, it really wasn't, and the kid (kids) are once again removed from a home only to be placed in another... hopefully... maybe.

And so you see what God is teaching me through all of this. God doesn't disrupt! Ever! When He brings someone into His family... and all come through adoption now... He never ever disrupts. He has promised to be our Father forever. He has promised to meet our every need. He loves us and has compassion on us in spite of the junk inside of us. He continually pours out His grace and mercy on us even though we don't always follow His ways. For me, this builds hope and strength and courage and peace and stability. This allows me to flourish and develop as I am meant to develop. God is forever cleaning me and washing me and caring for me! He is an AWESOME Father! I pray all 7 of our kids find that hope and strength and courage and peace and stability that comes through the Father.

Do you know Him? Have you experienced His love and affection? Even though you might need a little cleaning right now, have you allowed Him to speak to you about your potential in Him. Do you trust Him? Jesus said, "I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father but through me." There's an ADVOCATE that helps in your adoption... Have you allowed Him to wash you clean? Is it time for a thorough assessment?

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