Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Pancake Monday

There's really nothing quite like a short stack of pancakes to start your week off right. A big batch of pancake batter measured out in over 30 pancakes, cooked on an electric griddle and served with butter and syrup and milk or O.J. Of course, there is a pot of coffee for the cook (me) and the resident computer communicator (Kris emailing her new adoption buddies and/or old friends) in the other room. I usually try to schedule myself to be home on Monday mornings... no meetings, no clients, no distractions! And while this is not always possible, we all look forward to this time. Some weeks, Pancake Monday actually takes place on Tuesday.

Now that school has officially started, mornings are even crazier than they used to be. It is good that we attempt to take this time every Monday morning to count and make sure there are still 9 of us in the family. It is quite possible that one of us could have been lost somewhere in the weekend activities. So far, we have all been present for Pancake Monday. Kris had the kids start reciting John 3:16 before we eat of the stacks in front of us, and then we end Pancake Monday breakfast with a devotional. Here's what we've learned thus far...

Kids need pancakes!
Moms need pancakes!
Dads need pancakes!

And the family needs this time to look forward to. There's some interesting conversation that happens during Pancake Monday that might not happen otherwise. Mixing pancakes with Wisdom, and Trustworthiness, and Boldness, and Diligence, and Courage, and Love is a great recipe for Life. Can someone please pass the syrup...!