Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Speaking of Life Saving Interventions

Formerly, I was on a path to destruction. Relationships that weren't Godly. Activities in my life that did not honor the Lord. I already claimed to be a Christian, but I sure wasn't having a daily walk with the Lord. But God...

God brought into my life and allowed me to marry Kris. He used Kris to teach me and correct me and bless me. I remember sitting in the Living Room five years ago and giving Kris back to the Lord the night before she went in to receive her Pacemaker. Her mother was there. Her sister was there. Our four children were there. We were confident about how God was going to answer our prayers, and how He was going to fulfill the calling He had placed on her life.

This last week, we gathered around Kris again. And this time it was to celebrate. She turned 39 again last week. Her mother was there. Her sister was there. All of our seven children were there. It wasn't anything fancy... Kris doesn't do fancy... but it was special nonetheless. And the coolest thing is... God is still fulfilling His calling on Kris's life, and we are still the beneficiaries of that calling.

I don't know how you do it, Kris. You were meant to be a mom. Of all the people I get to meet, you are by far, the one that is living the life God created you to live. You are a wonderful mom and a great gift to our children! And I thank God for you...

Monday, February 11, 2008

Five Years

This months marks the five year anniversary of the greatest birthday gift I've ever received. Some girls love diamonds, others chocolate - but me?....The best birthday gift I ever got was my pacemaker.

I lived 25 years of my live with a rather troubling heart issue that could not be solved. As scary as it was, I just assumed that I would never know this side of heaven, what was wrong with me. But to my great surprise, February 2, 2003 the issue was identified and 48 hours later I was the proud owner of my very own titanium pacemaker. Happy Birthday to me.

Tonight I was reading my friend Patrick's blog. It appears they have a five year anniversary of their own to remember. This would be an anniversary of much different kind. On February 11, 2003 Patrick and his wife Jennifer held their 10 month old daughter as she died.

This is a pain that I hope to never understand.

It does cause me to wonder... Why does God need some of us here and some of us there? That He would choose to preserve my life as wife and mother and meanwhile call a lamb home right out of the arms of her parents?

I have always said that would take physical pain any day over emotional pain. The first is over when it's over. The second drags on forever. Because He is the Master weaver and His plan is sovereign and perfect there is peace that can be found in the midst of pain. Patrick and Jen have that peace - their lives are a living testimony of God's healing power.

I have a new sense of appreciation for this pacemaker in my chest. It is a constant reminder of God's intervention in my life.