Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Home Again... First Days

Here are a few pictures of our first days back home. God has been so faithful with our safe travels and new adjustments. And we have the reassurance that He will no stop being faithful anytime soon!

Top to Bottom:
  • Joseph beside his new bicycle - he couldn't wait to ride it and learned how in about 15-20 minutes. Now he's off around the block 15-20 times a day!
  • Jenna is helping Brooke on Max's new bike. Be patient my child... it will come!
  • Former little sister turned big sister Kate holds her napping little brother, Max
  • Ellie and Max as his Sunday afternoon nap continued. Lucky guy!
  • Aaron gives Brooke a ride as Joseph investigates his new surroundings.

If I can get this video thing figured out, I will be posting some video soon to share more of what our first days have looked (and sounded) like. Meals have been an adventure, not knowing what foods the little ones will eat, and not knowing for sure how to communicate that they must try what Kris places in front of them. Joseph as been a tremendous helper as his English is good enough to help us in this way. We are working to establish and settle into a routine. Be patient my children... it will come! (God keeps reminding me... He must know about my patience, or lack thereof.) Blessings to all!


Ashley said...

Welcome Home!It is so great to see your new family. They are so precious, I praise the Lord that things are going well.

the ewings said...

Hey Longs! Thanks for the updates from Addis and then home. Glad to see the transition seems to be going well. Blessings, Chris Ewing (cincy, oh)