Saturday, April 21, 2007

Turning 7 and 911

Today was full of activity, as everyday has been thus far. We had house projects to start/complete! We had lots of beautiful sunshine to enjoy! We had lots of family activities going on all day. Two significant items stand out...

1) Our sweet Kate turned 7 years old today. What a day it was for her. Two new brothers and a new sister that she just met last Saturday for the first time. It doesn't seem that long ago that we first met Kate when the doctor handed her to us. What a joy she is! The party included Grandma and Aunt Kelly & Uncle Charlie, and a friend from next door. Chicken grilled just right and hamburgers also. Ice cream cake - 2 more friends joined in with us for this part - and everyone signing happy birthday. What a day!

2) Joseph is learning his numbers somewhat. He was attempting some math earlier in the week. It seems he is a quick learner- today he was playing with the phone and punching in some numbers much like one would do on a calculator. Immediately after he placed the phone on the table, it rang back, so I answered. The 911 operator asked me about the emergency that was just called in! It seems that she was not able to understand our little Ethiopian who had just dialed 911!!!! After explaining the situation and telling her how sorry we were, Kris had to repeat the same story for the nice policeman when he arrived. I think the math lesson was very effective. He appears ready to move ahead with the next lesson.

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