Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Unexpected Gift - More of God's Provision

Oh how I love to brag on God, and how He chooses to provide for us...

Last week we received a letter from one of the many care givers our children needed when we first brought them home. For almost 18 months, I had been working to establish some financial aid options for the large medical bills we incurred that were not covered by insurance. Three times I had to submit all new (original) documents as the individual helping me left for other employ. Three times the process started over from the very beginning! I tried to control my frustration, and at times felt completely helpless... (I don't do paperwork very well!!)

Before heading off to Brazil, the call came that I needed to start over once again. I gave up any hope that this issue would ever get resolved this side of Heaven. Once again, I submitted the necessary paperwork to the 4th person handling our account. When the letter came last week, I did not want to open it. Here is what it said...

"Nationwide Children's Hospital has reviewed your application and has adjusted your account(s). It is your responsibility to pay $0.00. If you have any questions, please contact our customer service department at ....." I'm not going to call them... but I might drive down and give them a big kiss! Trust, Rest, Wait (See post on Brazil just previous to this one.)

Just when I felt like giving up... God made a wonderful provision! I wonder how close I would have been to giving up over 2000 years ago when He made known another Gift to those He loves. It seems He is always providing. Always. I thank God that He continues to provide in so many ways. This Christmas season I have new reason to celebrate just how practical He is!

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