Thursday, March 5, 2009

Random Happenings...

I felt compelled to post a few random happenings in our lives over the last few months. If I stop and pay attention long enough, I can see the hand of God growing each one of us along the way. The good news is, no matter how we position ourselves, at our core, we are simply children of God, greatly blessed by our Father.

Aaron finished a fabulous football season with the Columbus Crusaders last fall. He was fortunate to be able to start Varsity as a freshman in his first game and all season... and is really forming quite a talent for audio/video production with his guitar, video camera and the computer. He turns 15 this week... Happy Birthday, Aaron!

Jenna continues to amaze us with her big sister/parenting skills. She also took her last gymnastics class recently (after many years) and has now taken up jogging with her Aunt Kelly and Kris. They plan to run/jog in an upcoming 5K.

Joseph turned 11 back in November, and participated in his first organized and competitive soccer league last fall. He is so fun to watch. He loves to run on the soccer field... and the basketball court. Joe also just graduated from the D.A.R.E. Program, and was given the opportunity to share his essay at the ceremony.

Ellie is also doing basketball this winter. It is great to see her smile as she exercises the gifts God has given her. Ellie plays tenacious defense!... and is full of hustle the entire game. Last summer, she completed her second year on swim team. She loves to compete and simply loves life.

Kate has taken up Ballet, and we are anxiously awaiting her Spring Recital. She is graceful and strong - two gifts that really serve her well. Like all of the kids, she loves her mom and the two are absolutely beautiful together.

Brooke is full of excitement and charm. She has been cheerleading in the Above the Rim program this winter and she loves it. To see her on stage encouraging the players with her big smile is a treat for everyone. She can light up a room with that smile... and she does!

Max? Well Max is trying his hand at gymnastics. He celebrated his 6th birthday in January, and is a hoot to watch flip and roll and tumble around at the gym. He is happy and his face tells us he is about ready to do something that will make us all laugh.

The family just made a trek to Hocking Hills where we took some fun pictures and enjoyed a day in God's beautiful creation. Kris and I are blessed... very blessed... to be able to share in the lives of our children. God knows how to bring us great joy.

None of us deserve it, but the fact remains... God's grace abounds.


Kelly said...

Oh how fun! I love the pics and the updates, even though I get to see you guys a lot! Cool Hocking Hills photos!

The Merricks said...

Thanks for the updates... it's great to see how your kids are developing and all of things they are involved in. Kris, how do you keep it all togther? We look forward to reaching the stage you are now in ... family.

Duke Heller said...

Thanks for the update. It is great to see the activites of you individual children. God has bless you and your family. In Christ duke

Ron said...

Brother Brent & Sister Kris,

Thanks for sharing your blessings! You said it, God's grace abounds.

I'm honored to be a small part of your life too.

In Him
Ron Allan