Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Jungle Fever

Back in November, Aaron and I took a little Father/Son adventure trip into the heart of the Amazon River Basin. We teamed up with The Kubacki Family ( and Thirst Relief International ( to install water filters in remote areas of the jungle, and bring fresh drinking water to these people for the first time ever.

I can say that it was a life-changing experience for me, and that Aaron has spoken of how his perspective has changed as well. Three words kept coming to me on the trip... Trust, Rest, Wait. I am not good at any of the three, but I do sense God taking me to a whole new level of each that I would have been unwilling to go to on my own.

Aaron and I have had the chance to share a few times about our trip, the most recent was today at one of our Lunch & Learns. ( I am so thankful that God is faithful and that He continues to fulfill His promises as He stretches me beyond where I am willing to go on my own. I hope my kids catch a glimpse of the adventure that awaits them as they too learn to Trust, Rest & Wait.

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