Wednesday, March 14, 2007

To Embassy or Not To Embassy...

We're waiting to hear about our Embassy date. It has been said it could be April 3rd or April 10th. I wonder when we'll know for sure? I wonder if our new kids know what an "embassy" is? There are so many things we need to do before we fly...sell a van, buy a van; finish a bedroom, rearrange bedrooms, repaint bedrooms, fill bedrooms with furniture, (will someone please clean out the garage!) Did I mention the bedrooms? What are we forgetting?

Kris is busy gathering clothes for the new Long children. The trip is coming and soon we will be flying high - on our way to pick up our own children in a foreign land. That sounds wild. That means we have children that belong to us, with our last name, that we've never met, that we are legally responsible for, in another country, half way around the world. Who can figure that out?

We have been blessed by so many... God has a way of utilizing His people to serve in so many ways. A few names come to mind just from last weekend... Mark, Mark, Greg, Dave, El, Aaron. Wow! Thanks for Godly men that offer their time and talent. (Did I mention the bedrooms?)

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