Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Making Room... Why Can't It Be Us?

Work on the basement bedroom has been progressing steadily... thank God! I hope to paint this weekend. And then carpet, and Aaron can move in! It is amazing to me what changes are taking place just so that we can make room for three new lives to join us soon. Very soon, we hope! Still no Embassy date, but we know it is coming. Watching these men sacrifice their Saturday, and then thinking back almost 12 months to the start of our adoption process, I got to thinking about how the practical, physical reality of building a bedroom in our basement is sort of like God doing a renovation in our hearts so that we can find room for others. When our family first started down this path, we had a "family meeting" in one of the upstairs bedrooms, and we sat and talked about the "what ifs" for about an hour. The kids were so great with this. We talked through as many different scenarios as we could think of... and then it was Ellie that said, "Someone has to love those kids! Someone has to help take care of them! Why can't it be us? Why can't it be us? I love them already! Why can't it be us?"

It was that night that I knew for sure that God had made room in my heart, and I was watching Him make room in my wife's heart and our children's hearts. Why can't it be us? God is in the renovation business. He can take a selfish heart like mine and he can strip it to the bare walls. Then He can turn around and start to fill up that new space with His building blocks... Love and Peace and Joy, Faith and Trust, Mercy and Forgiveness. He is a Master Builder! He has made room for us, and He has made room for one more, or two more, and one or two more, and more. He has moved in and He has filled that space. It is because of Christ that we are making room for others. It is because of Christ that these men give of themselves. It is because of Christ that we can now say in complete confidence... "Why can't it be us?" It can be us, because of Christ. PRAISE THE LORD! Have you made room for Him?

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