Thursday, March 8, 2007

Closer than you think

I remember several years ago, I was driving back from a day trip to visit a client. After 75 minutes or so, I was only about 30 minutes from home. I thought about how close I was to being home, and about the fact that Kris and the kids had no idea I was this close. Then I was suddenly overwhelmed with the thought that Jesus knows exactly how close He is to coming back... and when He comes, He will be taking me home with Him! I know He is coming... His Word says so. Ever stop to think how close He is?

Our court date was successful yesterday! (Praise the Lord!) I want to tell our new kids that we are closer than they think. We're on our way, and we'll be there soon. I imagine the Father's arms wide open to embrace me... He is excited to welcome me into His home. He paid in full (through the blood of Christ) my adoption. We're coming kids... you belong to our family now! I can't wait to hold you, to embrace you. I want to introduce you to your new big brother and your new sisters. I want to introduce you to Jesus... because when He comes back, He'll be coming for you as well! He could be closer than we think...


Kelly said...

I cannot wait to meet my new nephews and niece!!!

I love the way you compared your trip to get them with the Lord coming to get us. Awesome!

CrazyMom said...

Wonderful! I'm so thrilled to be reading a LONG adoption blog! Who would have ever thought a tad more than a year ago that this March would bring such blessed changes?! It makes me wonder what God has in store for next March, and the one after that!

It's a very fun privilege to be walking this path with your precious family! God bless!