Thursday, September 18, 2008

Power Outages Can Lead to Power Restored

Hurricane Ike ripped through Central Ohio last weekend. (I never, ever thought I would utter those words in my life.) Trees down, power lines down, houses smashed, vehicles smashed, roofs ripped off... damage, damage, damage! For many in the area power has been out for several days and clean up continues. We were very fortunate... only a small limb came down at our house and our power was off for about 12 hours through the night. Many others were not nearly as fortunate as us.

Got me to thinking... Devastation can rip through a house or a life at any time. Pain and hurt can mount so high that we might wonder if power will ever be restored. In the process, we have choices to make... namely, will we run to the Power Source or will we run away? I have thus far discovered that during those times in life when storms brew up and devastation hits, God is not hiding Himself from me... He is actually wanting me to run to Him. If any storms blew through after your adoption process (or any other events going on in your home) I pray that you are able to find the Source of your power and get restored. I would believe that He is there waiting with open arms to help walk you (and me) through the messy clean up. His Word says He owns the power (Psalm 62:11) and is all about getting it turned back on! Clean up is generally part of the process.

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