Friday, January 18, 2008

Love Hurts

Many of you know that it is our Brooke who has struggled the most with losing her birth home, parents and previous life. She has grieved and we have greived for her. The other night when I was kissing her goodnight we had a very sweet conversation.

Brooke: "Mom, I wish I was in your tummy when I was a baby."

Mom: "You do? Why Honey?"

Brooke: "Because then I wouldn't miss my Ethiopia mom."

How does her six year old brain think of such things? It makes me love her more which I did not think possible. She is learning, at too young of an age, that love can be very painful.


Patrick said...

That's a tough one. This is a significant theme with our sons as well. They are convinced that we love our bio children more simply because they were born from us. It is hard, understandably, to receive love from people when your own love is divided.

Thankfulmom said...

It is hard for us to imagine what their little hearts and minds must process. K. says the same sort of things to me and it breaks my heart for her, but it also shows me that her bond to me is growing deep and sure.

Norah said...

What a sweetheart.